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The Melbourne Gemach was setup in 2011 to provide emergency relief within the Jewish Community. We are a small volunteer-run organisation with 5 staff members.
The organisation provides income support, maintenance and financial aid in response to dire requests from those in pressing financial need.
Throughout the year, the Gemach lovingly assists ‘anash’ on a daily basis, custom-tailoring the help to the needs of each family or individual.





Main programs include:

  • FOOD VOUCHER PROGRAM – Distribution of vouchers for the purchase of food for Shabbos, redeemable at local stores. 
  • YOM TOV FUNDS PROGRAM – Giving money for Yom Tov needs before the Tishrei and Pesach holidays. 
  • HOME EMERGENCY FUNDS PROGRAM – Rescuing families from utility shutoffs 
  • WEDDING FUNDS PROGRAM – Helping fund modest but dignified weddings for needy brides and grooms whose parents cannot assist
  • FUNERAL FUNDS PROGRAM – Providing Jewish burial for the indigent
  • SMALL INTERIM LOANS – Pending available funds

Melbourne Gemach is a registered non-for profit organisation and relies entirely on sponsors and donors. 

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